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Jowett Farms Corporation


About Us 

Jowett Farms Corporation is a sow processing facility located in Blumenort, Manitoba. The company is managed by two generations of the Jowett family. 

Jowett Farms has a state of the art facility that uses a hot boning and quick chilling technique which creates a product known in the industry a pre rigor. Pre rigor meat is an ideal ingredient in the production of sausage products with many other added benefits. To find out more about the advantages of pre rigor trim, see below for details. 

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79 Penner Drive, Blmenort, MB

(204) 326 - 3252

Advantages of pre rigor 

Pre rigor meat is "hot boned" meaning the muscle has been removed from its carcass before chilling and prior to the development of rigor mortis. With our advanced carbon monoxide chilling, a sow can be processed into chilled trim in 40 minutes or less. 

Greater water holding capacity 

Greater water holding capacity results in a lower drip loss and higher yields. This can lead to a moist and flavourful finished product. `

Improved fresh colour retention 

Improved fresh colour retention for sausage products. This is a valuable contribution to a finished product as consumers tend to choose the most esthetically pleasing products.  

Cleaner Product

Shorter processing time leads to reduced bacterial growth. A reduction of bacteria can ultimately lead to a longer shelf life, and possibly eliminating the need for modified atmosphere packaging. 

Higher Ph Levels

Higher pH level gives the material a high level of protein solubility, which ensures maximum binding properties and a firmer texture in the finished product.


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