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History Of Our Growth

Robert and Heather Jowett immigrated from Yorkshire, England to Canada in 1993. Robert and Heather Jowett purchased Country Meat & Sausage in 2000, and opened Country Meat Deli in 2005. Both companies currently are some of the leading businesses in their industries in Southern Manitoba. 

The vision of Jowett Farms first came to Robert when he had the notion of opening a federally licensed sausage production facility. After investigation,  it was found that there was not a stable supply of inspected meat and new regulations were being implemented that would require massive upgrades to the existing processing facility. The Jowetts then went on to pursue building a federal processing plant, much of which was done by the family themselves. Through the Jowett families ambition, determination, and hard work, Jowett Farms Corporation was introduced as Canada's first federally inspected sow producing facility, using a hot boning technique and carbon dioxide chilling process.

Some of the key mile stones for the building of Jowett Farms was gaining an environmental and federal licence, receiving  financing without the use of investors, and implementing the carbon dioxide chilling process.  One of the biggest obstacles to overcome was administering the pre rigor technique, this required new rules to be written by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Finally, after almost 10 years of planning the first federally inspected run happened in February, 2017. 

The company now looks ahead and plans to run at full capacity processing 70 sows an hour.  Jowett Farms aspires to be the leading sow processing facility in the country, with high standards in animal welfare, and serving a premium product.

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The Jowett Family 

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Owners & Management 

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Robert Jowett


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James Jowett

Production Manager

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Thomas Jowett

Operations Manager

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John Jowett 


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Kathryn Jowett

inventory & logistics coordinator 




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